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New sandbag structure protects Long Beach shoreline

It’s a first-time feat for Eurobodalla Council crews who created and stacked 400 sandbags to protect the shoreline at Long Beach.

A geotextile sandbag structure has been installed to protect the shoreline and Bay Road against potential collapse.

Project engineer George Workman said the sandbags are a medium-term fix until a more permanent solution occurs.

“We are exploring long-term options for a low-lying revetment structure that is resilient, environmentally compliant and suits the needs of the local community,” Mr Workman said.

“We’ll ask for input from the community on the design of the permanent solution by early next year.”

Since July 2022, the plan for Long Beach involved short-term sandbags and beach nourishment work to mitigate erosion which was part of the Eurobodalla Open Coast Coastal Management Program.

“Last year, high seas washed away sand right up to the road and around the base of large Norfolk Island pines, exposing the trees’ roots,” Mr Workman said.

“We got to work securing the necessary approvals to begin beach nourishment to replenish eroded areas.”

Mr Workman said wrangling two-tonne sandbags was no small feat.

“Stitching, lifting and positioning each bag took creativity, skill, and a lot of patience,” he said.

“It was no easy task, but our guys persevered and arranged the sandbags in tiers following advice from the coastal engineer.”

Mr Workman said the closest tier of bags to the sea were dubbed the “sacrificial bags” and were ready to take the brunt of the waves’ impact.

“When high seas and large swells pound the beach, the bags may shuffle a bit and it’s likely sand will move onto and around them,” Mr Workman said.

“As always, it will be a constantly changing beachscape, just without so much destruction.”

For more details on the project visit Council’s website.

Above: Geotextile sandbags stitched together at Long Beach before being manoeuvred into place with a modified excavator.

Above: Sandbags form a tiered structure to protect the shoreline from further erosion.


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