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Near Miss at Narooma Bar

The attention of Narooma residents and visitors was drawn to the Narooma Bar around Sunday April 17th as they watched the Westpac helicopter sitting directly above overseeing a 5m open runabout attempting to enter the inlet on an outgoing tide. The Westpac helicopter was returning along the coast when they noticed the runabout attempting the crossing of what locals could only describe as treacherous conditions. A Maritime vessel was present at the inlet adjacent to the Shark Net Beach at the ready to call on emergency services. Fortunately the runabout managed to navigate the pitching, often standing waves however the two occupants were then seen being a "talking to" by the Maritime crew before being allowed to leave. The volume of boating traffic through the bar over Easter and the school holidays has seen a marked increase in the demand for parking at Apex Boat ramp with the design of the boatramp once again testing the patience and the abilities of boaters.

Image: Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopters