Narooma Ladies Golf results

Narooma ladies played R1 Women's Club Championships

Red course. Very lucky to finish before the weather conditions changed.

Grade A winners Kay Lawrence with 74 C/B to Tina Wilson.

Grade B winner was Ris Cheale with 76 close behind for 2nd place was Robyn Giblett with 77

Balls to 79 C/B


3rd hole division 3 was Chris Hendra

17th hole division 2 was Jenny Walker

Wednesday 24th was a cold, wet and windy day to play our R2 Ladies Club Championships, monthly medal and putting competition. 33 ladies braved the conditions and the results are as follows.

The monthly medal winner was Chris Fader with a score of 72 off handicap of 16.

Putting prize with 28 putts was Jan Shevlin.

Grade A winner was Chris Fader and runner up was Sylvia Donohoe with a score of 75 off handicap of 4.

Grade B winners were Heather McMillan with 75 C/B to Julie Melville.

Balls to 80 C/B


9th hole division 3 was Laura Taylor

The cake hole on the 14th was won by Sylvia Donohoe.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png