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MusselRowers - Womens Red Nose Bass Strait Crossing MAKE IT to Tassie

Not only have the MusselRowers - Bass Strait Crossing for Red Nose women achieved the longest ever ocean surfboat rowing leg by any crew, Men's or Women with a distance of 89 klms, but they have now achieved their goal of crossing Bass Strait. Rob Pollock posted on Feb 11th: "It’s 4.49 am and the wind is up on our nose. Musselrowers Women face the final leg .

I type this with enormous pride but know a huge challenge faces our mighty team

Crossing Banks Strait is a massive challenge it may be only 23 klms but historically it is one of the worlds Notorious Straits. We are away at 7.30 and have no idea at what speed we will be able to move forward. Wind and current not favourable but if anyone can do this these Women will MusselRowers - Bass Strait Crossing for Red Nose"

Above: Kylie Wade writes: "The stars of the show! The girls, Topaz, Elle, Anna, Katharine, Ash, Shanon, Taryn and Michelle. They have shown us that through their determination, strength, sacrifice, commitment, endurance, enthusiasm, team work and bravery, anything is possible! Along with their Sweeps, Polly and Darren and the Kayakers Josh, Dave and Scott, they make one hell of a team! " These photos were taken on the first day at Port Welshpool before setting out.

VIDEO: MusselRowers - Bass Strait Crossing for Red Nose Follow the MusselRowers - Bass Strait Crossing for Red Nose The Red Nose MusselRowers have become the first ever all-female rowing team to cross one of the most treacherous bodies of water in Australia - the Bass Strait!

The team have rowed over 320kms in very challenging conditions to raise money for Red Nose, helping to fund life-saving research and support services for bereaved families. Donate here and leave your message of support for these incredible women.

Above: Josh, Scott and David. The 3 Kayakers accompanyied and suppored the girls as they rowed across Bass Straight.


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