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Mossy Cafe presents: Jane Sankey

The Mossy Cafe in Mossy Point is hosting the artwork of Jane Sankey during the River of Art 16th to 25th of September.

Join Simon (Mossy Barista and Guitarist extraordinaire) and Sara for some chilled tunes for your Saturday 24th brunch, surrounded by the colourful and evocative art of Sydney artist @artist_janesankey

Jane Sankey resides in a community minded neighbourhood in the inner west of Sydney, blessed with pockets of greenery and vibrant highstreet. Since becoming an artist, she relishes the arty community around her and draws on its creative energy to grow her own practice.

Jane’s art life follows an unconventional path as she paused her passion for art after school in pursuit of a practical corporate career before succumbing to the call of art. She will always remember the absolute elation at the first art exhibition she participated in as an adult - “it felt like I was spreading my wings for the first time!”

Jane has since then said “yes!” to every opportunity that crosses her path including giving a live painting demonstration on the local council opening of the glasshouse, having her paintings hung in local restaurants and cafes as well as participating in art prizes and group art shows. Most recently she has held her first solo art exhibition “Paperbark, Petals and Panorama” at the beautiful Chrissie Cotter Gallery in Camperdown showcasing 28 of her paintings.

What drives Jane’s zest for painting is the feeling of exhilaration when she loses herself in the flow of painting - the rest of the world seems to fall away and she is all but a conduit for the paint. As she has not been art school trained, she relies heavily on her intuition and instinct for form and colour. Her work is figurative while bringing it her emotional response to the subject. In the creation of a work, there is a feeling she wants to evoke or a story she wants to tell but she also aims to leave enough space for the viewer to “finish” the painting with their personal interpretation or emotion.

Since becoming a full time artist, Jane has noticed her eyes widened to inspiration all around and in the most unlikely of places. Where initially her art would reflect the immediate beauty she sees in a native flower or a quaint streetscape, her observation now transcends the subject to the relationship between forms, the interaction of colour and everchanging play of light. This results in the wide range of subjects Jane paints as she responds to the creative pull by different sources, keeping her works fresh and surprising.

Jane creates acrylic paintings on stretched canvas. She loves the versatility of this medium - she can make it thin and transparent like watercolour or thick and robust like oil paints. Jane loves the different texture of paint and makes no effort to hide her brushmarks as she wants the viewer to feel the energy and passion behind each paint stroke and to gain a sense of how the painting was created. Her work is not high brow - it does not seek to make a deep statement but merely wants to encourage the viewer to notice the beautiful bits of magic that’s all around.

Instagram: @artist_janesankey

Facebook: Jane Sankey Art


Solo exhibition:


June “Paperbark, Petals and Panoramas”, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown

Group exhibitions

2020 October “Mamas with Easels” at Balmain Watch House


March “Mamas with Easels”, Balmain Watch House

April - November - various works displayed at Piccolos Cafe, Rozelle

May “Drummoyne Art Society Open Art Awards”

June “Camberwell Art Show”, online art exhibition

June “Incognito Art show”, Paddington

June - painting displayed at “Brasserie 1947”, Rozelle

November Finalist for “Greenway Art Prize”, Summer Hill

November “Mamas with Easels”, Balmain Watch House


February “Femelle”, Balmain Watch House

March “Toowoomba Grammar Art Show” , Toowoomba Grammar School

June “Incognito Art show”, Paddington

September “Tints and Tones of the Bush” featured exhibition hosted by Mossy Cafe as part of the “River of Art Festival”, NSW South Coast

October “Fed Art Prize”, Corowa She is represented by Bison Arts for a selection of her abstract landscape works.


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