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More than a third of Gilmore has already voted

While last minute policies and 'solutions' on the fly are flowing fast Anthony Green has revealed that 36.2% of voters have cast their vote. NOTE: Antony Green says "This post will publish daily updates of the rate of Early voting (Postal + PrePoll) by division.

Current data – as at the end of voting on Monday 15 May 2022

Check inside the post for a sortable table and graph of pre-poll voting and postal vote applications lodged by division.

All figures are calculated as a percentage of enrolment in each division. The postal vote column is of postal applications, of which 75-80% will result in a postal vote being returned and included in the count.

Pre-poll votes is a total of votes taken by each division, not necessarily for the division. That is the percentage includes both pre-poll ordinary votes taken for the division, and pre-poll declaration votes taken for other divisions. About 12% of pre-polls were pre-poll declarations in 2019." Those ordering sausages, sauce, bread and onions should not and adjust their Saturday Democracy Sausage expectations.