Member for Gilmore: Energy Update

Fiona Phillips MP brings you an 📢📢Energy update 💡💡

Today I have been speaking with Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy to get the latest updates on work to restore power across the South Coast. Both companies have mobilised huge work forces to safely and methodically restore power to impacted communities from Nowra to Batemans Bay and beyond. The crews are working to repair a huge number of damaged power poles and equipment.

Power has been restored to people in Bawley Point and Basin View today and crews are focusing on restoring power in places like Batemans Bay, Mossy Point, Broulee and Tomakin. Crews from across the Endeavour Energy network are also working in the small coastal towns hardest hit by these fires such as Lake Conjola, Manyana, Conjola Park and Fisherman’s Paradise. I have also been assured that both companies are working closely together to make sure this is done as quickly as possible.

Given the extent of the area and damage, this may take some time and again we ask people to please be patient. I will update you again when I have some new information.