McGinlay: Just for the record on the Mackay Park vote

The Beagle Editor, Just for the record, I have put in writing the words I spoke during the Eurobodalla Council meeting of 25 February 2020 in regard to motion no CCS20/007. Note that Council records do not have a transcript of proceedings but rely solely on the video recorded webcast (below). The subsequent council meeting minutes record results of votes, but none of the debate or discussion that leads to such votes. As a preamble: at the 4.15 min. mark of the meeting I asked questions in regard as to why the sources of additional funds that had been identified as being potentially available to fund the McKay Park project were being regarded by the council organisation as being confidential in nature. These questions were either unable to be answered by a ‘mind-blanked’ Director for Finance etc, but were subsequently addressed  (to some extent) during the next 3 minutes or so by the GM. I remain, as I said, unconvinced that such absolute confidentiality is necessary. More pertinently, at the 7.40 or so minute mark, I said the following: “If I vote to accept this recommendation, I would just like confirmation to make it very, very clear, that if I vote ‘yes’; this does NOT mean that I would approve of the funds that are sitting in those ‘un-named’ sources being committed to this project: Simply that I am acknowledging that I have been advised that such funds exist. But I’m in no way endorsing that they be spent on this project. “ The Mayor then said...”That is one hundred percent correct councillor; if and when that time comes, we will go through it at that time, through that process.” As I said...for the record. Cheers. Clr Pat McGinlay