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Let's get Andrew back on the water

As the town comes to terms with the tremendous losses that they have endured these past two years, Mobilising for Mogo is focussing on two areas. Sallianne McClelland of Mobilising for Mogo says "the support of our families impacted by the flood, and the support of this very dignified, full of grace, indigenous gentleman Andrew Nye, who always puts others first." "We would value your support to get Andrew back on the water, doing what he has been doing for 57 years. Please give what you can, please share and tag your friends. Be a part of something very special." Andrew is a fifth-generation Aboriginal commercial fisherman, from Mogo, NSW, one of only two remaining on the state's south coast. He has fished his local waters for 57 years. His greatest wish is to continue to do what he loves, provide for his family and watch his grandchildren grow, teaching them the priceless stories of their ancestors.

But his boat was destroyed

On December 10, 2021 Mogo was hit by a flash flood. In the words of his wife MaryAnne Nye, "I have never in all the time we have lived here seen the water so high". The flood raced through the town of Mogo at a ferocious speed, ripping through businesses and homes.

The flood waters picked up his prawning boat, nets, esky, anchor, seating and trailer which were parked in his yard. His boat and trailer were found 2km downstream.

The trailer is damaged but Andrew believes it is repairable. He has lost all his prawning nets, large esky, anchor, seating and the 17ft fiberglass prawning boat has large holes, cracked fibreglass and is completely waterlogged. It will cost more to repair than replace.

Let's get Andrew back on the water

To get Andrew back on the water, prawning (which supports his family), we simply need your help. He needs to cover the cost of trailer repairs, replace the prawning nets, esky, small motor, anchor and of course his boat.

"The ocean is our food source and means of trade; a way of surviving. Part of being a saltwater person is the abalone, lobsters, sea urchins - whatever comes out of the ocean is who we are" - Andrew Nye

We need a minimum of $5,000

We need it ASAP so that Andrew can be back in the water before the tourist season kicks in - he sells his catch to feed his family.

Funding over $5,000 will enable Andrew to purchase more than one net. He is also content to find a second hand motor (approx 15hp) so additional funding will help find a suitable motor - a new motor starts at $2,000.

The quality nets, from Haverfords in Revesby, are a major loss to Andrew and represent a further major financial hit in their replacement. DONATE HERE

What's in it for you?

Walking alongside Andrew, donors will be updated by email with news around the success of the campaign. You will also know that by supporting this campaign, you are not only supporting a man, you are supporting a family and a community.

Thank You.

Sallianne McClelland

“You look at the ocean, the sky, over the mountains, at the dirt along the beach,” he says.“You feel really connected to the land and the sea, and time just flies past.”

This campaign and use of video and imagery has the full blessing of Andrew and MaryAnne Nye. Donations will be processed through PayPal and at the close of the campaign, all funds will be directed to Andrew. Confirmation of this, will be shared with all donors.


I have been volunteering in the Mogo region since January 11, 2020. Responding to bushfire impacted families and businesses.

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians, the Yuin people, on whose land I am on today. I also pay my respects to Elders of the Yuin Nation past and present.

Sallianne McClelland, Campaign Organiser BEFORE YOU GO....from the Beagle Editor: Here’s a list of Mogo businesses that encourage you to shop online from, buy gift vouchers, follow on Instagram and share the love for. Mogo Nursery

Grumpy and Sweethearts Cafe


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