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Keep an eye out for Captain Australia

G'day Moruya and Eurobodalla!

My name is Scout Coralie (Mum's posting this for me)...I just want to give your lovely community a heads up to a true Aussie hero headed your way very soon, he's just left my home town of Ulladulla. You might have seen him on the news?

His name is Captain Australia (Simon from

This amazing man is walking on foot all the way from Brisbane to Melbourne, sleeping rough, no support people or vehicles, carrying a 25kg pack and fundraising for the Kids Cancer Project. This legend has raised close to $100,000 from his $250K goal for charity.

An incredible story, at age only 15 years old, Simon walked from Brisbane to Sydney to escape a bad situation and go live with his grandmother. Years later Simon beat stage 4 cancer and decided to walk even further, to find hope for the future and to walk for science so that children with cancer might find hope too.

What he found was the kindness of strangers who offered him a hot meal or a cold drink (he carries only dry rations), a series of lovely country communities just like yours, who rallied behind him to help him on his way.

So throw some coin at this charity to support the man with a heart of gold and help him reach that goal!

Bring the kids down to experience something truly magical, wave and clap and cheer him on as he walks by. Contact your schools and businesses! If you are a local business who can offer hospitality or a soft bed out of the weather and mosquitos for a night send the Captain a message on his page "Captain Australia's BIG walk", he sure could do with a touch of comfort (and a shower crikey) now and then to help him through the toughest parts of his journey.

Get some mates together, c'mon my Scouting brothers and sisters line the road and WALK BESIDE HIM, hold a mini fund raiser or community night (I hear the Captain will even sing karaoke for the Kids Cancer Project), get in touch with your local media, council....whatever it takes.

Please spread the word and give this true Aussie battler legend A HEROES WELCOME to your town! He's making history as a real life superhero to kids with cancer.

Thank you, Scout Coralie (aged 12)

Send a message to the Captain here:

Donate here: Meet Captain Australia, the superhero walking from Brisbane to Melbourne to raise money for The Kid's Cancer Project. He's about to hit the halfway mark, so we catch up with the Captain to find out how he is going!

My name is Simon, and when I was 15 years old, I walked from Brisbane to Sydney to escape a bad domestic situation. I discovered myself and found hope in that first BIG WALK.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with head & neck cancer. I had a 40-60% chance that chemoradiation would beat the disease, and 6 months to live if it failed. I got lucky. But even when you survive cancer, you have to pay a horrible price, dealing with side effects and the threat of recurrence for the rest of your life.

No child should have to endure that. This inspired Captain Australia’s BIG WALK, in support of The Kids Cancer Project. I will walk from Brisbane to Melbourne over 10 weeks, sleeping rough, no help, planes, trains or automobiles.

Here he is at 9.30am this morning just south of the Bawley Point turn off.


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