Jodi McKay statement on Covid-19

VIDEO: An announcement from NSW Labor in regard to COVID-19

"NSW Labor offers its strong support to the Government for a comprehensive shutdown of non-essential services and activities. "Essential services like petrol stations, pharmacies and supermarkets should remain open. "NSW must fully support workers and businesses whose livelihoods will be disrupted. "It is time to give parents clarity. Labor believes NSW schools and TAFE should be closed after tomorrow. "We must ensure there is access to comprehensive online learning and a schooling service for the children of key workers such as medical professionals, and other students who need the caring environment of a school. "It is also time to ban all non-essential gatherings. The message of social distancing is yet to get fully through to the community. "The government’s message must be backed by a strong public health information campaign and alert system, like in New Zealand. "This campaign should explain to the community what steps the government is taking to protect us - and what our own obligations are as residents of NSW. "Labor stands ready to support the Government to expedite the necessary legislation, stimulus and associated measures – convening the NSW Parliament as early as 2.15pm on Tuesday. "Finally, I put forward a formal accord with the Premier – similar to a caretaker mode - to fast-track decisions and provide “supply” to administer the State’s activities.   "All of NSW stands united in dealing with the unprecedented health challenge of COVID-19. "It is essential we leave nobody behind."

Above: An earlier statement from the NSW Premier