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Installation of pedestrian facilities in Bodalla to begin May 2nd

New pedestrian facilities will be installed on the Princes Highway in Bodalla opposite the Bodalla Dairy linking the eastern side of the town to the west The work is scheduled to run from Monday 2 May 2022 until mid 2022 between 7am and 4pm. . Transport for NSW say the work will include:

• an extended kerb to improve visibility of pedestrians and highway users • a pedestrian refuge to create a safer location for pedestrians to cross the highway • installation of No Stopping signs southbound on the Princes Highway • the footpath will be extended to the south on the northbound side of the highway • drainage improvements on the Princes Highway to improve the resilience and safety of the network.

Above: Locals are not convinced that the loss of five highway parking spots saying that these spots play a vital role in catering for caravans and spontaneous visitors who pull up to explore the town adding that the danger of pedestrian accidents, especially with children is increased by moving the lane towards the footpath. "Bodalla has the only community hall in the shire that has no parking provided. Let's see how all this goes when the CWA is meeting. They won't park over at the pub I can tell you. They reckon they consulted with the community. Pigs bum they did. This is a dog's breakfast", one long time resident told The Beagle. Transport for NSW say of the project "During busy periods such as the weekend or holidays, it can be difficult for pedestrians to safely cross the Princes Highway and access shops and services in Bodalla. The pedestrian facilities will improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians. "Following community feedback last year, the pedestrian facility was redesigned to include a pedestrian refuge to further improve pedestrian safety when crossing the Princes Highway, and reduce the impact on parking."

"Transport for NSW is working closely with Eurobodalla Shire Council to deliver this project."