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How good is advertising

The Beagle Editor, How good is advertising :) !!!

Comedian Dan Ilic organised the Times Square billboard labelling Scott Morrison as "Coal-o-phile Dundee". (Source: YouTube).

The Morrison government’s lacklustre climate policies have been advertised to the world, in perhaps the most prominent location in the world, with billboards labelling Scott Morrison “Coal-o-phile Dundee” playing in New York City’s Times Square. Maybe we could organise a similar advert emblazoned across the face of the Council building that reminds us that Innes and her mates say that Climate is only "Variable and Changing" and there is no need to recognise it as an emergency. That came back to bite Innes and her numptynoo's on the backside when the bushfires and all hell kicked in soon after. Let's not forget the role that Innes and her councillors didn't play when all hell broke loose. Making sandwiches at an under-resourced, ill prepared evacuation centre doesn't count. Where was the mayor, the general manager and the flunkies during that time? Were they off somewhere with their heads in the sand? Does Innes still believe that there isn't any need for a Climate Emergency because the climate is only 'variable and changing'? Maybe Our Lizzie should go to Glasgow and explain that there is nothing to worry about because the weather is variable and changing. Sam Perkins Malua Bay