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Hometowns tours Narooma Kinema December 14th

Hometowns | Narooma with Emma Russack, Lachlan Denton and Cody Munro Moore - December 14th @ Narooma Kinema This December ‘Hometowns’, a month-long program where the labels combined local rosters and friends, sees Narooma's Emma Russack and Cody Munro Moore return to their roots as part of a tour of Hometown revisits by home grown artists. Supported by Create NSW the tour sets out to educate and engage with the communities in which the local artists were raised, inspiring the next generation of young musicians across New South Wales. While the basic premise of Hometowns is for the eight artists to return to their place of birth, the underlying feature is for the artist to return home and give love and support back to their local community. Gluing the whole process together is two record labels, Dinosaur City & Spunk. "The shows in each town, will not just be one-off events. They are also going to encompass a full day of performances and talks at the artists’ former high schools. The partnerships aren’t just going to be with schools and the employed musicians, they are with the venues who are being encouraged to program contemporary music, which rarely (or never) happens in their venues." "Hometowns endeavours to bring relief to the community in these areas as well which aren’t on the regular touring circuit."

Hometowns Sat 14 Dec – Narooma Kinema, Narooma Emma Russack, Lachlan Denton, Cody Munro Moore Tickets here

VIDEO: Emma Russack - Everybody Cares (Official Music Video)

“Russack’s masterfully plainspoken ballads put her in the same league as Bill Callahan and Lucinda Williams”  – Rolling Stone ★★★★

“Emma Russack is making pop music of a perfectly modern model…This is pop music of subtlety and feeling” – The Music

“‘An utterly entrancing piece of art” – STACK Magazine

“A stunning effort from the prolific Melbourne songwriter who manages to continue her legacy as one of the country’s most underrated indie rock talents” – Tone Deaf

“Resilient and reflective” – Noisey

“She can remain incredibly tongue-in-cheek as a lyricist but make no mistake, her talent as a story teller and writer doesn’t lack in seriousness or captivating charm” – The AU Review also scheduled is Hometowns at the Murrah Hall, Bermagui Nov 16th featuring Big White, Greenwave Beth, Poison Abbey, Nick Griffith More information and Tickets here