Garage Sale Trail 2019: Put Your Sale On The Trail

Do you love Garage Sales? Do you plan on having a Garage Sale? If yes to either then October 19th and 20th brings you GARAGE SALE TRAIL 2019 Garage Sale Trail is Australia’s biggest community and sustainability event, a gigantic weekend of waste-reducing, planet saving, treasure hunting fun set to take place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 October and registrations are now officially open! PUT YOUR SALE ON THE TRAIL - Registrations are now open and FREE The team behind Garage Sale Trail say: "You may have noticed that the world is in a bit of strife. Between now and 2040 humans will consume as much as we have since we first stood on two legs, we are using nature’s resources 1.75 times faster than the planet’s ecosystems can regenerate them and Australians are producing 67 million tonnes of waste each year!" "All sounds like a bit of a downer, right? Well, the good news is that there is a simple, fun and cheap way to do your bit to turn this doom and gloom story around." "By putting secondhand first, we can reduce the amount of resources needed to make the new stuff and stop the old stuff going to landfill. And a handy way to do this? Get the whole country to host a garage sale on the same weekend as part of the national Garage Sale Trail!"

Video: What is Garage Sale Trail 2019 Make some extra $$ by putting your secondhand goods up for sale, feel lighter by decluttering the stuff that no longer sparks joy and up your karma points by minimising the sheer amount of new stuff that exists on the planet. This year’s Garage Sale Trail is set to be the biggest yet with 400,000 Aussies projected to take part as sellers and shoppers in over 18,000 garage sale events to be held across the country with upwards of 2 million kilos of stuff to be diverted from landfill! Now in its ninth year, the multi award-winning national initiative seeks to educate Australians on the importance of reuse and the need to take individual responsibility for the impact of our consumption habits whilst building stronger, more connected and resilient communities. So, what are you waiting for? Get involved with your community, do your bit for the planet and lighten your load by putting your sale on the Trail now at Registration is FREE and all Eurobodalla Garage Sale Trail registrations will be listed for FREE in the Beagle Weekender Oct 18th to help you navigate the many events planned throughout the shire so be sure to register your Sale !!

It's FREE and anyone can do it, whether you’re a household, community group, a whole street, school or even a local business. You can fundraise for a cause or make yourself a few extra dollars, or simply declutter your space and free your mind. 

There is also a great map search tool here: Garage Sale Trail is made possible thanks to the support of over 140 local governments Australia wide and with the support of the NSW EPA, Western Australian Government, Nextdoor and Storage King.

GARAGE SALE TRAIL 2019 Saturday 19 October and Sunday 20 October REGISTRATIONS OPEN NOW Sellers can register for free at

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