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Ex Mayor Innes back in the headlines

Convoy to Canberra protester and former Eurobodalla mayor warns: ‘this is not going away’

Max O'Driscoll of The Riotact reports today that: Convoy to Canberra protester and former mayor of Eurobodalla Shire Liz Innes has warned that the protests are “not going away” as protesting activity starts to pick up across the ACT. Ms Innes said she was inspired by the movement after losing faith in government and wanting to return power to the people. At approximately 11:45 am yesterday, ACT Policing attended an incident on Northbourne Avenue in the city between protesters and a bus driver.

In a video circulating online, the protestors with flags, signs and a megaphone are seen standing in front of a bus preventing the driver from moving forward. Calls of “take his license plate” can be heard in the audio.

Addressing the confrontation with the bus driver, Ms Innes said that misbehaviour was consistent with any other large gathering.

“If you look at how many people have been in Canberra for all of that time, and if there’s one or two small incidents because we’re human beings, after all, I think by and large if you speak to police officers that have been there, they’ve been overly impressed by the behaviour of the protesters,” she said.

“Our mantra is, ‘we are peaceful, we are powerful and we are polite’, and we keep reminding people that we’re there for a reason.”

VIDEO: Convoy to Canberra protesters' confrontation with bus driver You can read the full article HERE One reader made the following comment: "Dear Ms Innes I want to live in town were I have the right to exist free from disease. By not being vaccinated you deny me my right of disease free movement. Take your unvaccinated self back to the coast and stop seeking to infect me and my fully vaccinated family.

BTW a bus driver has the right to do their job unencumbered by violence and uninvited unvaccinated persons. They also have a right and duty to protect their passengers.

You may also care to notice Ms Innes how small your minority group is." With another saying: Dear Miss Innes, you have been noticed and your voices have been heard – now hear my voice “Clear off, we don’t want you in our Town”


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