Does Innes know exactly what is going on and doesn't want to reveal Council's blunder

The Beagle Editor, So the Mayor Liz Innes states on ABC Radio she does not know what is going on.  It is quite simple, she has the Planning Finalisation Report. Click on this Department of Planning link, Click on Determination Documents, open the RFS letter 25 June 2019 and then look into the Table within to find where the RFS objections have been retained.  The 7 “Areas” are in red and indicate the Lots that will have not have dwelling entitlements because current lot sizes were not reduced by the now gazetted LEP.  They can only be changed by a new LEP process.   The fire risk was so great in these 7 areas, the RFS would not allow it despite our council Director of Planning, 7 of 9 councillors, our mayor, our local member Andrew Constance all intensely lobbying for it to go through unchanged.  Are they willing to go against RFS advice and put the lives of future residents and fire fighters at risk?    From looking at the Table it seems that 38 other “Areas” of serious bushfire risk concern to the RFS have had approval forced through because of this pressure -- despite needing to satisfy many severe bushfire constraints including BAL 29 fire refuge shelter and huge clearings for Asset Protection Zones (APZ’s).   Why would anyone want to risk living in those areas in the coming years of increased catastrophic fire danger?  Why allow people to risk residents’ and visitors lives and the lives of our firefighters?  Naïve property buyers are going to stumble into this. Naïve visitors are going to stumble into this.  This is outrageous. Name and address supplied

Will the Council Christmas BBQ be serving only porkies?

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