Dargues Mine Community Information Session

Tuesday, 14 June 2022 @ 18:30

Location: Majors Creek Hall (Recreation Ground)

This information session is being held to inform members of the community and stakeholders on the proposed Modification 5 (MOD 5) application of the Dargues Mine.

The MOD 5 application aims to:

1. Construct a water management dam. The proposed dam will have no natural catchment (other than its footprint) and will ensure the mine can store and manage excess water safely and effectively. It will provide a safeguard for the mine during extended dry and wet periods.

2. Increase the approved processing rate, from 355 000tpa to 415 000tpa. No changes to the processing plant or its currently approved operating times are needed, and transportation of gold concentrate will be accommodated within existing transportation limits.

3. Emergency transportation of water. Approval is sought for up to 10-laden truck movements per day to provide emergency water should the need ever arise again.

Senior members of staff from Aurelia Metals will be on hand to answer any questions. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming information session, please email dgm.community@aureliametals.com.au or phone on 1800 732 002.