Dalmeny Land Sale response

Dear Beagle Editor,

I read with interest the views and concerns of new community group ‘Dalmeny Matters’.

It needs to be stated that the comments and publicly issued publicity material is such a misrepresentation of the truth. As a longtime Narooma/Dalmeny resident I think some of the public commentary of this group need to be addressed.

1. This land and the 2 blocks privately owned have been marked as ‘urban expansion’ for well over 20 years in Councils current and recent LEP

2. How does this group arrive at 200 homes for Lot 54, the biggest lot when a DA has not been lodged with council?

3. Affordable housing would be considered in any DA that was considered by council….as it is a requirement

4. Yes, the land is ‘Bush Fire’ prone, however any DA for subdivision subjects the developer to the ‘Planning for Bushfire’ rules and regulations that require any lot must contain a ‘Building Envelope of the dwelling to be able to achieve a maximum of BAL 29 or less.

Building costs for BAL 29 are NOT exorbitant and in fact many new dwelling in the ESC are conditioned to be constructed at maximum of BAL29

5. Any subdivision now requires a full and complete Biodiversity Assessment to accompany the application.

This study identifies all the environmental issues such as endangered species, vegetation, riparian zones and is reflected in the overall design of the subdivision.

To make the comment it will be ‘Bulldozed’ is simply not true.

I understand the emotion of some folks about this land being developed, but there is demand from young families for homes in this area. As a person who raised children here only to see them have to move away for work as they got older, I fully support controlled and sensible development.

There is of course a simple solution to this issue. Dalmeny Matters group should get together and buy the land otherwise be proactive in how this may look and how it will shape the future community in the south of the shire.

Concerned Resident (name and address supplied)

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