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Councillors invited to see Meals on Wheels in motion

On the 26th of August, National Meals on Wheels Day will recognise its dedicated volunteer workforce who stepped up to help protect the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the first COVID diagnoses came to light, many Meals on Wheels volunteers aged 70 and over were recommended to self-isolate for their own safety, while younger volunteers stood up to support their communities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government provided vital additional funding which allowed Meals on Wheels services to continue delivering nutritious meals to an increased number of vulnerable members of the community. “We are so thankful to the Government for supporting us during this uncertain time through the increase in funding,” Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels Manager, Alan Russell said.

“They recognised and reinforced the essential role our service plays in ensuring food security for people in our community,” Mr Russell said.

As part of the annual celebration, Eurobodalla Meals on Wheels welcomed the Mayor and Councillors for a meal delivery run, to see firsthand, the difference Meals on Wheels makes every day.

The Councillors met the volunteers at the Batemans Bay Community Centre and witnessed firsthand the vital role that the Community Centre's commercial kitchen and cool room play. While the Eurobodalla Council advise they are not going to sell the Batemans Bay Community Centre to fill the $18 million shortfall in funding for the $70 million Mackay Park pool it is still their intention to sell the community owned property to fund the running costs of the pool and hall once the new facility is open. In the meantime the Council is encouraging Meals on Wheels to look for alternate premises as they do not plan on replicating a commercial kitchen in the new Mackay Park complex as part of the tradeoff of selling the community owned Centre and providing instead a meeting room that the community can hire.

Above: Batemans Bay delivery volunteers with Clr Brown and Clr Tait ready to go

Above: Mayor Liz Innes with Shirley Stringer

Above: Mayor, Clr Brown with Karen Cockerill and Denise Russell

Above: Mayor presenting BP gift vouchers to volunteers. These gift vouchers are part of a $50,000 thank you gift from BP Australia to volunteers right across the country