Council was blowing smoke but no-one was watching

Council managed to spend most of its 46 minute meeting today blowing smoke up its own backside by saying how well it was regarded, far and wide, by State and Federal agencies and that any comparison made with other councils that staff had investigated to measure best practices saw them "tick all the boxes". While those councillors effusively delivering "the smoke" attempted to congratulate the staff it also smacked that their intent was to infer 'under our leadership and adversity they delivered'. One councillor had the temerity to go too far in his "blowing smoke" saying: "As an organisation I don't believe that anyone should go out of this chamber today with anything else but awe for the amazing job done by all the management and the staff inside here and the boys out on the tools". "If you would like to look at a comparative performance in any other similar Council that has faced these sorts of pressures [Bushfires, Floods and Covid] you will not see anywhere near the results that have been achieved by this organisation". Fortunately there were only three members of the community in the public gallery to hear this self-aggrandisement. It was especially fortunate there were no members of our adjacent councils. The speech will now live in the dusty archives where no-one will bother to watch it and will remain, for a while as a moment of embarrassment to the handful of council diehards watching the live streaming. Election time is upon us so pull on a latex glove, and watch out for the baby kissers in readiness for the campaign ahead.

Above: Once again there were no public speakers presenting to council today. This was noted by Councillor Mayne who drew attention to the fact that Council were voting on a public engagement strategy but they had failed dismally by having already voted to disassemble public engagement to such an extent that the public have "given up".