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Council shows poor timing in increasing development fees for housing investors

Want to do any development in the Eurobodalla? From Tuesday June 28th it will cost you, on average, $1600 more and $2,259 if you are in Batemans Bay. On top of that another fee reflects a percentage of the value of your project. With a major backlog of Development Applications already frustrating new home builds the news of higher developer fees, higher contributions and increases in application fees can only serve to drive more investors away from an already receding market that is looking to alleviate a housing crisis. At the June 28th meeting councillors will be asked to adopt two new draft development contributions plans that will repeal the: • Eurobodalla Section 94 Development Contributions Plan 2000 – 2005 • Eurobodalla Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2012

• Eurobodalla Section 94 Contributions Plan - Rural Roads • Eurobodalla s94A Levy Contributions Plan 2007 Once they vote to adopt the two new plans (Draft Eurobodalla Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2022 • Draft Eurobodalla s7.12 Contributions Plan 2022.) they will then be asked to amend the Fees and Charges document, as required, to reflect the new contributions in the Draft Eurobodalla Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2022. This is an average increase of 22% per lot compared to current contributions as shown in Table 1 below. Council say "This is due to the contributions rates being a factor of the value of the infrastructure works required to service the growth in population. The higher the value of the infrastructure works, the higher the contributions rates". Council also say "The Draft Eurobodalla Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2022 would have the effect of increasing the current s7.11 development contributions by an average of $1,600 per new residential lot across the Eurobodalla Shire. The softening of the impact by saying "average of $1600 per new residential lot" removes the truth that in the North of the Shire, where the primary focus of development is to be found, the actual amount will be $2,259 per block.

At a time where Eurobodalla faces a major housing shortage and has a poor report card from developers looking to invest in the region the timing of this increase on any development in the region is questionable. The announcement of this move might come as a surprise to many who were considering their budget for new developments in the next six months. To counter the possible backlash Council advise: "We informed the community via Council’s website and an advertisement on Council’s Noticeboard page in the local newspaper. We engaged with the community by seeking feedback through a 28-day public exhibition from 30 March to 26 April 2022, during which the following documents were placed on Council’s website: • Draft Eurobodalla Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2022 • Draft Eurobodalla s7.12 Contributions Plan 2022. No submissions were received from the community during the exhibition period".

Image: Council's Noticeboard March 23rd, March 30th, April 6th, April 13th and April 20th


NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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