Council gives an update on Potholes and Mowing

Eurobodalla Shire Council POTHOLES AND MOWING Yes, we know there's loads of potholes and lots of long, wet grass. First things first: potholes on the highway are repaired by Transport for NSW, not local councils. We've been in touch with them about the nasty spots in our shire. When it comes to local roads, Council crews have been patrolling and making repairs as they go. We know it’s bad and we’re working fast as we can. Construction crews have been diverted to help our maintenance crews. Busy roads like George Bass Drive and Beach Road take priority over residential streets. There's no need to report potholes at the moment - we know where they are. Repairs are mostly temporary fixes for now - cold mix shovelled into the hole. We need to wait for the road surface to dry out before we can make more permanent repairs with proper gear (contractors already booked). Problem is the roads haven’t had a chance to dry out and that’s why they’re in such a mess up and down the state. In Eurobodalla we’ve had nine officially declared floods in the last two years. For safety sake, please slow down and be patient on the roads. More here >

We're doing our best with the mowing too. We know there's long, wet grass around the place and our parks crews don't like it one bit. Grounds that take a few hours to mow under normal growing conditions are taking double that time and many are still too wet. We reckon we're around three weeks behind. Please be patient - we're getting to your patch quick as we can.