Constance confirms local Covid death

Andrew Constance MP , Member for Bega, posted on social media this morning: "Today will be a sad day as the virus is now leading to the loss of life within our wonderful community. I am very serious about the pain this insidious virus is going to continue to bring for individuals, loved ones and our people. It is a very sad time and my thoughts are with those suffering.

"Please be conscious of its impact if a person is vulnerable and suffering from other medical conditions and other circumstances that heighten the risk of Covid.

"We also have people starting to be hospitalised and I want to show our gratitude to our paramedics, nurses and doctors who are there to save us and keep us safe.

"We have a roadmap which takes us to December 1, and it is based on the best advice possible to manage our health system and attempt to keep people safe. I know everyone is starting to get confused and frustrated but we must stage the release of restrictions to mitigate against the virus impact. People will not always agree with the decisions of politicians but my aim is to try to get life back to as best and safe as normal as we can.

We have 23 cases in Batemans Bay. This is a very tricky situation. Please continue to get vaccinated, tested and minimise your travel."

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