CATALINA LADIES GOLF - Results for Wednesday, 18 November 2020

CATALINA LADIES GOLF - Results for Wednesday, 18 November 2020

There is a small invasion of pesky white cabbage moths or butterflies on the golf course at the moment. Their inability to differentiate between vegetation and golf balls is sadly lacking, particularly when they land on your golf ball in the middle of your swing. It’s either, curtains for that little creature or unfortunate for the compassionate golfer in miss hitting the ball! Despite these little hiccups, 71 ladies played a stableford event, with the Rogan Family (Mother and Daughter) individually scoring 38 points each and winning both Division 1 and Division 2. Jo Neal also recorded 38 points to win Division 3. Well done ladies. Results as follows:

Division 1

First: Debbie Rogan (24) 38 points

Second: Debbie Coleman (19) 37 points

Third: Jo Taylor (13) 37 points

Fourth: Roz Odgers (24) 35 points

Division 2

First: Kellie Rogan (29) 38 points

Second: Sandra McKenzie (27) 37 points

Third: Sandra Pearson (25) 37 points

Fourth: Anne Lorimer (29) 36 points

Division 3

First: Jo Neal (36) 38 points

Second: Margaret Sinclair (35) 36 points

Third: Pamela Gannon (45) 35 points

Fourth: Nancy Leaver (38) 35 points

The ball count went to 32 points.