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Car torched at Akolele

Residents of Wallaga Lake and Akolele woke this morning to the sound of three explosions coming from the roadway just west of the northern end of Wallaga Lake Bridge. The 4:30am explosions had members of the local RFS on site within half an hour, joined by police. By the time they attended there was little that could be done to salvage the vehicle.

Photos: Beagle Pup Just before the explosion a plea went out over social media asking that a Colorado Ute, just stolen from Golf Road in Bermagui, be left in safely after its joyride and not damaged. "Unfortunately the low-life turds who stole the ute didn't get the Facebook message" a local commented this morning. It is not known what impact the explosion will have on the water quality of Wallaga Lake. The slip road it a popular area for local anglers. If anyone has any information contact Crimestoppers.