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Broulee Runners Weds 6th November 2019

Even though it was hot and humid 66 people contested this evening’s Broulee Run/Walk. Personal best times were hard to come by in the oppressive conditions. The young in the 2 kilometres had not problems and Mabel and Nathan Nadmor, Hugo and Anthony Ireson and Amelia Pike each recorded best times. In the 3.5 kilometres Kirsty Dunn set the example for the other 3 family members by recording a personal best.

This evening we celebrated with Richard Fisher his 250th appearance with the group. Richard’s first run was on 14 September 2011. Richard is one of the main stays of the run as he is always handing out the finish tokens each week and his enthusiastic approach and direction helps make the run the friendly family event. He also helps keep the course in good condition and puts out and collects the course markers. Because of his duties he does his run on the course earlier in the day and tonight being a special occasion he joined in with the other competitors.

Another to star tonight is Justin Murphy, who recorded his 30th run. Justin is the most enthusiastic of the younger runners and he has tackled all distances. Back from his first few runs he has checked the board to see where his is at in the accumulation of his runs anxious to gain his shirt and tonight is that night well done Justin.

Above: Murphy boys Justin (30-run) and his dad Angus.

Above: Richard Fisher the 250 man.  2 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 8.22 Sunni West 9.36 Justin Murphy 9.39 Lucy Bain 9.56 Isabella Fleming 10.02 Mabel Ladmor 10.03 David Fleming 10.05 Amelia Pike 10.57 Nathan Ladmor 11.28 Freya Dunn 12.20 Daisy West 12.212 Emily Dickinson 13.22 Bruce Dickinson 13.22 Erin Domeny 13.23 Hugo Ireson 13.37 Anthony Ireson 13.41 Lachlan Cole 15.12 Cathy West 15.16 Sadie Dunn 17.06 Portia Dunn 17.07 Emerson Carver 17.09 Scott Carver 17.11 Louise Cox 17.52 Ken Cox 17.55 Maureen Searson 21.12 David West 22.19 Laura Lopresti 22.20 Willow Cole 24.25 Brenton Cole 24.26

3.5 Kilometres

Angus Murphy 15.01 Jaymz Motyka 15.54 Max Motyka 15.56 Andrew Greenway 17.42 Bernadine Lambert 17.54 Ross Wilson 17.57 Jasper Motyka 18.21 Regina Knobel 19.34 Kirsty Dunn 19.48 Belinda Bain 21.46 Taylor Traecey 22.04 Tom Ireson 22.09 Paul Searson 23.08 Julianne Domeny 23.25 Annie Johnsen 24.27 Sophia Carver 25.29 David McCann 29.40 Richard Fisher 30.15 Kathryn Jeffery 34.20

5 Kilometres

Matt Lambert 21.45 Lauren Evans 21.49 Chris Garcia 22.12 Alan Andrews 22.18 Will Rosner 23.16 Dave Connaughton 24.16 Harrison Gilligan 24.17 Jason Domeny 24.35 James Reilly 25.25 Andrew McPherson 25.30 Anthony Miles 25.34 Deb Connaughton 26.58 Max Hadley 27.26 Andrea Cantle 28.24 Julie De Ernsted 28.50 Vaughn Gilligan 29.47 Steve Phipps 31.39 Rob Ryan 36.54


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