Broulee Runners Wednesday 29th January 2020


Warm and humid conditions greeted the Broulee runners this week. We welcomed Phil Timms, Chris Prow, Bethany, Stephen and Caitlyn Siedel and Eva Barker. All distances were presented with an unscheduled obstacle course with a fallen banksia at the top of the track that had been cordoned off, so personal bests were very hard to come by as all participants had to run around to get back on to the course.

This week we acknowledge the Domeny family. We congratulate Robyn Domeny on completing her 30th run/walk. Robyn began by coming along to support her son Jason and family Julianne, Erin and Amber and decided she may as well start to participate, since she was already there. Jason is steadily improving his time since he started and is often finishing towards the front of the pack. Erin is very close to achieving her 100th run, if Amber is participating she is helping handing out the cards to the finishers and we wish Julianne a big happy birthday today. The Domeny’s are regular and valued participants to our group and it is always great to see them on the starting line.

With Mike and Robyn away for a few weeks a big thank you goes out to Dave, Jill and Richard, who helped to time and record our participants, making this week run smoothly.

The Domenys, Erin, Julianne, Amber, Robyn and Jason, are regular and valued participants each Wednesday.


Tino Lopresti 8.50 Justin Murphy 9.46 Caroline Booth 11.10 Laura Lopresti 11.18 Archie Gilligan 12.08 Brock Gilligan 12.09 Bridget Whipp 13.39 Nina McPherson 14.00 Decklan McPherson 14.00 Andrew McPherson 14.00 Angie Gannon 14.54 David McCann 15.17 Nev Madden 16.09 Connor McDermott 16.41 Victoria McDermott 16.42 Julia McDermott 16.47 Richard Fisher 19.59 Kathryn Jeffery 20.19 Christina Murray 20.19 Erin Domeny 21.34 Jye Barbara 21.34 Helen Okey 21.57 Bailey McDermott 22.59 Robyn Domeny 23.36 Jenny Pollock 23.37


Vaughan Gilligan 16.31 Phil Timms 19.16 Taylor Traecey 19.24 Tim Devane 19.28 Julianne Domeny 21.34 Eva Barker 35.19 Caitlyn Siedel 35.19


Andrew Oberg 20.20 Lauren Evans 20.40 Matt Lambert 21.36 Harrison Gilligan 21.58 Matt Johnsen 22.06 Angus Murphy 23.51 Christian Proksch 24.02 Dave Connaughton 24.08 Jacqueline Oberg 24.25 Max Hadley 24.50 Jason Domeny 25.07 Chris Prow 25.43 Stephen Seidel 26.53 Prue Woodford 27.14 Mary Anderson 27.40 Deb Connaughton 27.51 Ross Wilson 27.52 Andy Greenway 30.58 Bethany Siedel 31.24

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png