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Broulee Runners Wed May 31st 2023

Unseasonal warm weather allowed the 48 runners to push themselves and as a result there were 11 Personal Best times.

In the 2-kilometres James Gunn improved by 10 seconds; Regina Knobel by 4 seconds; Elani Van Der Meulen by 13 seconds; James Tangney by 5 seconds and Anna Marley by 54 seconds.

In the 3-kilometres Ewan and Cove McAsh improved by 26 seconds. In the 4-kilometres Dave Connaughton improved by 4 seconds; Brad Turner by 7 seconds and Gary Ashton by 37 seconds.

The star of the night was Louisa McAsh, who improved her 4-kilometre time by an outstanding amount of 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

Some runners are approaching major record appearances. For example, James Gunn has 29 runs and Sunni West has 98 runs. We look forward to celebrating with them soon.

2 Kilometres

James Gunn 8.22 Archie Jackson 8.29 Audrey Knobel 8.52 Lewis Gunn 8.54 Angus Delaney 9.38 Jasper Jackson 9.56 Mike Atkin 10.00 Regina Knobel 10.19 Elani Van Der Meulen 10.42 Ashlee Baby 10.42 Daniel Baby 10.50 James Tangney 11.23 Benji Mackay 11.24 Neil Mackay 11.25 Charlotte Campbell 11.33 Mia Atkin 11.33 Alba Van Der Meulen 11.34 Emily Campbell 11.35 Chloe Tangney 11.42 Elliott Jackson 12.27 Rachel Jackson 12.27 Anna Marley 14.03 Julie Amphlett 15.39 Ron Garbett 16.52 Lotte Knobel 16.54 Anthony Knobel 17.00 David McCann 17.40

3 Kilometres

Keira Atkin 14.16 Sophia Carver 14.43 Eve Campbell 15.45 Madison Ewans 16.00 Molly Brewer 16.06 Bonnie Lloyd-Jones 17.18 Meg Edenborough 18.28 Ewan McAsh 19.39 Cove McAsh 19.40

4 Kilometres

Barry King 15 57 Dylan Van Der Meulen 17.02 Scott Carver 17.03 Rob Kellett 17.07 Paige Connaughton 17.46 Dave Connaughton 18.02 Brad Turner 18.06 Gary Ashton 18.44 Andrew McPherson 18.45 Louisa McAsh 19.26 Deb Connaughton 23.07 Gill Stapleton 23.10


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