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Broulee Runners Wed 8th March 2023

This evening we celebrated the 16th year of the running of the Broulee Running event. It was decided to combine this occasion with the 800th run. It all started on 7th February 2007. Liza Martini had the contacts and Mike Kennedy had the experience of the organisation of similar events from his running in Canberra. The first event had eight starters over 5 kilometres. We were obviously going to be a success as Liza talked a visiting priest, John Woods, to come along.

We attempted to run it as a handicap event with the slower runners starting first and the greyhounds later. This became too complicated and we reverted to a mass start. Originally we started at the toilet block at the Mossy boat ramp and turned around before the Broulee shops as the footpath was still being completed.

Women have played a significant role in the success of the event. These being Liza Martini, Robyn Kennedy, and Deb Connaughton. Mike Kennedy works behind the scene and tries to look important at the event,

A strong field of 45 contested the birthday run and the occasion helped 13 runners do personal best times.

In the 2-kilometres Audrey, Lotte, and Regina improved as did Declan and Andrew McPherson and Michelle and Mitchell Beby. James Gunn and Lily Williams also joined the 2 Ks personal best times. In the 3-kilometres Andrew Greenway and Bernie Lambert improved as did Michael Lambert in the 4 Kilometres. Brad Turner clipped 36 seconds from his personal best 4 Kilometre time.

As well as the birthday celebrations we were pleased to award Lotte Knobel her 30-run shirt. Also, Michelle Baby recorded her 100th run, her first run was back on 29 July 2015. Well done, Michelle!

2 Kilometres

Audrey Knobel 8.38 James Gunn 8.49 Declan McPherson 9.37 Lotte Knobel 11.28 Regina Knobel 11.29 Daisy West 11.33 Tom Ireson 11.40 Lily Williams 11.46 Anthony Knobel 11.49 Andrew McPherson 11.50 Tony Ireson 12.17 Eva Barker 12.22 Mitchell Beby 12.33 Michelle Beby 12.34 Julianne Domeny 12.40 Nina McPherson 13.33 Ashlee Beby 13.35 Jill Brown 14.43 Max Gunn 14.59 Hugo Ireson 15.20 Anna Marley 15.31 Annie Johnsen 16.38 Otis Remling 17.02 Elise Remling 17.02 Aaron Atteridge 17.03 Nev Madden 23.01 Luen Williams 25.00 Erin Patrick 25.01 Richard Fisher 29.03

3 Kilometres

Andrew Greenway 14.55 Bernie Lambert 15.30 David West 16.58 David McCann 25.40

4 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 14.18 Barry King 16.15 Matt Lambert 16.39 Paige Connaughton 16.52 Jo Flood 16.54 Dave Connaughton 18.24 Michael Lambert 18.41 Jackie Snowball 18.51 Stephen Seidel 19.05 Brad Turner 19.16 Anthony Snowball 20.45 Deb Connaughton 22.01


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