Broulee Runners Wed 23rd Sept 2020

The run has continued as an isolated event for the 28th week. It is anticipated that we may be able to get together to run a 5-kilometre event on Wednesday14 October 2020 at 5PM. A Covid safety plan is being developed and because of the need to keep social distance it is not safe at this stage to have the usual three events starting at the same time. As restrictions are lifted, we can look at incorporating the other events.

The principle used at other distance running events is “Get in, Run, Get Out”. This means the usual socialising will not be possible.

There will not be any time restriction on people participating in the 5-kilometres. Therefore, everyone is welcome to participate provided there is sufficient light to see only when it gets dark will the “hook come out”.

Special mention is given to Andrew McPherson (pictured) whose family have an impressive 450 runs between them. He has a personal total of 228. He is also a long-distance runner, bike rider, member of the surf club and bushfire hero.

Andrew McPherson.  Family man, athlete and volunteer.

Here are the results posted this week:

2 Kilometres

David McCann 15.40 Victoria Fleming 25.00

5 Kilometres

Matt Lambert 19.42 Bede Webster21.14 Paige Connaughton 24.22 Dave Connaughton 24.26 Morgan Pettit 24.57 Michael Lambert 26.16 Ross Wilson 26.35 Deb Connaughton 27.27 Andrew McPherson 27.44 Anna Hutchinson 31.44 Bernie Lambert 32.38 Caroline Booth 32.52 Julie De Ernsted 33.30 Jill Brown 33.31 Nev Madden 33.32 Tracy Denning 38.43 Lisa Robbins 38.42 Mike Kennedy 39.37 Robyn Kennedy 47.02

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png