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Broulee Runners Wed 16th 2023

An excellent turn out for this evening’s run with 50 runners and walkers. It certainly was a family event. Leading the charge was mum and the four Gunn boys: Katrina Birks and her three children; the three Richards boys; the three Bissell boys; mum and the two Mackay boys; the two Shannon boys; Scott and Sophie Carver; Stephen and Caitlin Seidel; Jackie and Anthony Snowball and Otis and Elise Remling.

In the 2-kilometres personal best times were recorded by Violet Turner, Reggie Winter, Alyssa and Katrina Birks, Otis and Elise Remling and Julie Amphlett. In the 3-kilometres Angus Delaney smashed his personal best. In the 4-kilometres personal best times were recorded by Brad Turner, Henry Bissell, and Kelita Bourke

Ross Wilson made a very welcome come back. He is one of the originals having had his first run in February 2008.

2 Kilometres

James Gunn 8.37 Lewis Gunn 9.00 Violet Turner 9.36 Harper Burke 10.22 Alexis Carver 10.28 Arden Shannon 10.36 Charlie Shannon 10.37 Reggie Winter 11.45 Ross Wilson 12.05 Erin Domeny 12.17 Alyssa Birks 12.35 Theo Birks 12.36 Tommy Birks 12.37 Katharina Birks 12.37 Bernie Lambert 12.49 Otis Remling 13.00 Elise Remling 13.01 Max Gunn 13.16 Julie Amphlett 14.13 Sophie Carver 15.56 Max Richards 16.29 David McCann 17.25 Harvey Gunn 18.26 Sara Norgate 18.30 Leo Richards 23.31 Marcus Richards 23.31 Alfie Mackay 24.20 Eva Mackay 24.26

3 Kilometres

Benji Mackay 14.54 Angus Delaney 14.57 Andrew Greenway 16.12

4 Kilometres

Scott Carver 16.30 Brad Turner 17.29 Caitlin Seidel 17.37 Stephen Tangney 17.46 Paige Connaughton 17.53 Barry King 17.56 Andrew McPherson 18.29 Stephen Seidel 18.38 Ryan Bissell 19.44 Sammy Bissell 19.59 Michael Filmer-Smith 20.03 Jackie Snowball 20.41 Anthony Snowball 20.42 Henry Bissell 21.02 Kelita Bourke 21.23 Deb Connaughton 21.48 Dave Connaughton 22.52 Julie Davis 22.58 Steve Phipps 23.18

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