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Broulee Runners Wed 11th Sept 2019

The strong winds of earlier in the week have died down and there were good running conditions for this evening’s event. We welcomed Colin Mackay, Kat Patton and Mackenzie Rippon to their first run with the group.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Freya and Kirsty Dunn, Billie Booker and Eva Mackay. In the 3.5 kilometres Bruce Dickinson recorded an excellent personal best time. In the 5 kilometres Aidan Rippon, and Max Hadley improved and the two young guns Justin Murphy and Monty Lloyd-Jones demonstrated potential by recording strong PBs.

A large number of Broulee Runners competed in the Moruya SLSC Fun Run on Sunday 8 September. There were some outstanding performances with Dan Lloyd-Jones coming 4th overall and Lauren Evans come 2nd women overall. Deb Connaughton was first in her category and other to finish 2nd in their categories were Bridget Lunn, Scott Carver, Bede Webster, Gary Ashton and Bernadine Lambert.

Anthony Miles and Morgan Pettit will be contesting the Sri Chinmoy Canberra Trail 100 kilometres run on Saturday 14 September. The course covers all the highest points in the ACT. Nev Madden will be there as a support person and he may need a wheel barrow to help at the finish. Good luck from the Broulee running family. We are proud of you both.

Sometimes it is a time to dress up for the event!

2 Kilometres

Billie Booker 7.37 Freya Dunn 9.14 Kirsty Dunn 9.53 Max Richards 13.54 Imogen Seidel 13.56 Sadie Dunn 14.02 Benji Mackay 14.13 Colin Mackay 14.14 Portia Dunn 14.25 Marcus Mackay 15.57 Eva Mackay 16.01 Roz Hayward 18.25 Audrey Knobel 20.52 Regina Knobel 20.53 Lotte Knobel 20.54 Anthony Knobel 20.54 Erin Domeny 21.00 Robyn Domeny 21.00 Kat Patton 21.13

3.5 Kilometres

Taylor Traecey 17.14 Prue Bartlett 17.47 Dylan Holmes 18.50 Finn Holmes 19.50 Bruce Dickinson 20.32 Laura Lopresti 20.45 Julianne Domeny 23.04 Maddy Seidel 23.48 David McCann 28.03 Richard Fisher 31.16

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 20.19 Aidan Rippon 20.20 Mackenzie Rippon 20.50 Dylan Van Der Meulen 21.01 Harrison Gilligan 21.08 Todd Jeffery 21.21 Andrew McPherson 23.32 Dave Connaughton 24.01 Vaughn Gilligan 24.01 Jason Domeny 24.35 James Reilly 24.50 Stephen Seidel 24.50 Justin Murphy 25.16 Angus Murphy 25.18 Jerome Stocks 25.22 Monty Lloyd-Jones 25.46 Mary Anderson 26.18 Deb Connaughton 26.50 Max Hadley 27.29 Andrew Greenway 28.43 Rob Ryan 31.03 Angie Gannon 31.21