Broulee Runners October 21st 2020

Tonight, is week two of being back together and there were 22 actual runners over the 5-kilometre distance and 16 virtual runners giving times for all distances. Although, there was a strong wind blowing this evening there were some excellent times achieved. Most notable was that of Tino Lopresti, who recorded a time of 23.28, which was an improvement of 2 minutes and 6 seconds on his first attempt over this distance last week. He is a primary school student and would be a standout runner at St Peter’s School.

A special welcome to Loren Chambers, who was making a come back after a stress fracture and Suzanne Harter after an absence of 6 years.

Lock down conditions make people want to extend themselves and this was evident with Janelle Morgan, who has 96 runs over the shorter distances, ran her first 5 kilometres and recorded a creditable time of 33.01

Above: Angie Gannon making her 30th run - here with friend Ashley Garland

2 Kilometres

Maureen Searson 21.05 Victoria Fleming 22.05

3.5 Kilometres

Paul Searson 25.30 David McCann 29.56

5 Kilometres

Daniel Baby 18.23 Josh Connaughton 19.46 Lauren Evans 20.07 Matt Lambert 20.25 Tom Hofsteede 20.28 Tino Lopresti 23.28 Christian Proksch 23.37 Gary Ashton 24.02 Andrew McPherson 24.03 James Riley 24.31 Dave Connaughton 24.40 Paige Connaughton 24.49 Loren Chambers 25.13 Max Hadley 26.16 Deb Connaughton 27.01 Mick Lambert 27.03 Ross Wilson 27.19 Suzanne Harter 28.06 Ashley Garland 29.32 Eliza Milenkovic 30.48 Morgan Pettit 30.11 Nev Madden 30.31 Gill Stapleton 31.00 Andrea Cantle 31.08 Angie Gannon 32.06 Janelle Morgan 33.01 Lisa Robbins 33.56 Tracy Denning 33.56 Jill Brown 34.41 Bernie Lambert 35.28 Julianne Domeny 37.06 Mike Kennedy 37.24 Annie Johnsen 45.01 Bede Webster 48.00 Robyn Kennedy 57.38

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png