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Broulee Runners May 20th 2020

This is week 8 of the run isolated Broulee series. This week we have results submitted by the working from home athletics. Once again it is the 5 kilometres runners that top the list of competitors. It is obvious that “Cabin Fever” forces people to go further. It also gives people the confidence to tackle the distance without worrying about holding people up. It is hoped that this sentiment will carry forward to normal time running.

Mike Kennedy, one of the organisers, wants to make special mention of the contribution to the Broulee Runners that the Connaughton family have made to the success of the event. The family comprising Dave, Deb, Paige and Josh, have up until today, recorded a total of 1,133 runs. Dave, Deb and Paige first runs were on 27 February 2008. Dave is the Ironman and Deb is the organiser. Under normal conditions Deb is there each Wednesday starting and timing each competitor. She commenced posting on Facebook some years ago and this has had a major influence in promotion of the event. Fitness through running is contagious in Deb’s family as her sister Jo and her partner and two boys are all regulars as is her mother Jenny.

Above: The Connaughton family. Deb and Paige with Dave in the red shirt and Josh on Paige's shoulders

Here are all the results from this week’s runners: 2 Kilometres Mollie Kennedy 8.38 Samson Kennedy 9.08 Caroline Booth 14.21 Richard Fisher 16.07 Roz Hayward 18.00 Victoria Fleming 23.47 3.5 Kilometres Bernie Lambert 18.30 Annie Johnsen 24.53 David McCann 28.50 5 Kilometres Geordie Cox 18.48 Josh Connaughton 20.06 Matt Lambert 20.58 Ellen Hosking 22.44 David Hosking 22.45 Dave Connaughton 24.30 Prue Bartlett 26.13 Paige Connaughton 26.33 Ross Wilson 26.40 Deb Connaughton 27.40 Simon Wall 29.26 John Hicks 30.54 Jill Brown 33.48 Nev Madden 34.45 Mike Kennedy 37.20 Robyn Kennedy 45.05 Michael Lambert 49.20