Broulee Runners April 21st 2021

This evening Broulee Runners were able to celebrate its 700th run. Robyn and Mike Kennedy were there at the start in February 2007 along with Liza Martini. Deb Connaughton can onto the scene in February 2008. Deb and Robyn manage all the results at each event and are the faces that everyone sees at the start and finish. They are responsible for the huge success of the event.

This is the first occasion that we were able to include all three distances for more than 12 months and the response was excellent as we had 54 actual runners. This was reflected in the quality of the times as we 10 personal best times.

In the 2 Kilometres PBs were run by Harper Lasscock, Rocco Lopresti, Lily Van Weendenburg, Ashley Baby, Eve Popelier-Knight, and Clare Knight. In the 3.5 kilometres PBs were recorded by Tino Lopresti, Rosie McPartland and Alexis Carver. In the 5 Kilometres Barry King recorded a PB.

The star of the night was Paige Connaughton, who recorded her 300th run. Paige started with her mother and father (Deb and Dave) on 27 February 2008 and her aim is to beat her father, which she has achieved on occasions.

Above: Deb Connaughton, Robyn and Mike Kennedy (L to R)

The results are as follows:

2 Kilometres

Sophia Carver 9.09

Harper Lasscock 9.53

Rocco Lopresti 10.41

Justin Murphy 10.44

Liliana Murphy 10.48

Angus Murphy 10.50

Lily Van Weendenburg 10.52

Daniel Greenway 11.35

Laura Lopresti 11.47

Ashlee Beby 11.55

Riley Beby 11.55

Eve Popelier-Knight 14.09

Clare Knight 14.11

Michelle McPherson 19.01

Nancy Costin 19.06

Michelle Baby 19.08

Richard Fisher 19.11

Maureen Searson 22.38

Paul Searson 22.39

3.5 Kilometres

Tino Lopresti 15.45

Mitchell Beby 15.48

Rosie McPartland 16.47

Pearl Eaton 18.48

Alexis Carver 19.08

Taryn Carver 19.51

Julianne Domeny 22.50

Jill Brown 23.51

Tori Henig 26.59

David McCann 28.44

Roz Hayward 37.52

Victoria Fleming 37.52

5 Kilometres

Daniel Baby 18.05

Geordie Cox 18.17

Matt Johnsen 19.57

Josh Connaughton 20.35

Matt Lambert 20.42

Lauren Evans 20.50

Barry King 21.52

Andrew McPherson 23.32

James Reilly 24.14

Zoe Whymark 24.21

Gary Ashton 24.22

Dave Connaughton 24.46

Paige Connaughton 25.51

Greg Castle 26.48

Jason Domeny 27.09

Michael Lambert 28.05

Bernie Lambert 28.16

Deb Connaughton 28.47

Jenny Taylor 28.54

Simon Wall 29.37

Nev Madden 29.38

Carla Berry 30.33

Andrew Greenway 31.33

Gill Stapleton 35.12

Lisa Robbins 35.13

Annie Johnsen 38.33

Mike Kennedy 46.32

Robyn Kennedy 49.23

59 results

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png