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Broulee Runner Wed May 10th 2023

Broulee Runner’s Results

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Great conditions for running attracted 52 starters this evening and there were 10 personal best times. In the 2 kilometres Aengus Delaney, Violet Turner, Ashlee Beby, JP Tangney, Orla Tangney, Asha Tangney, Remy Shannon, and Anna Marley all recorded PBs. In the 3 kilometres Emma Dawson and Meg Edenborough improved on their previous best time.

We celebrated Paige Connaughton’s 400th run this evening. Paige first run was on 27th February 2008. She was encouraged by Liza Martini to come along. This was a very significant date for the success of the Broulee Runners as it is today, as she brought along her mother and father Deb and Dave. It is history now because Deb has been very instrumental with the growth of the event with her marketing on Facebook and of course her work as the starter and photographer for many years. Dave is the action man having made 640 appearances since 2008. Paige believes in quality over quantity having successfully cleaned up her father over all distances.

Some of the international visitors with young talent at the start.

2 Kilometres

Audrey Knobel 9.14

Janelle De Frenza 9.27

Aengus Delaney 9.38

Alba Van Der Meulen 9.54

Erin Patrick 10.16

Violet Turner 10.23

Ashlee Baby 10.41

Daniel Baby 10.46

Mike Atkin 11.08

Regina Knobel 11.27

JP Tangney 11.28

Orla Tangney 11.29

Asha Tangney11.29

Stephen Tangney 11.30

Theo De Frenza 11.44

Rocco Lopresti 11.55

Mia Atkin 12.03

Laura Lopresti 12.20

Lotte Knobel 12.23

Anthony Knobel 12.26

Arden Shannon 12.56

Remy Shannon 13.22

Charlie Shannon13.24

Anna Marley 14.57

Jude Issaakidas


Lily Williams15.33

Gemma Issaakidas 15.35

Brian Gillis 15.47

Buddy Stitt 16.22

Sol Stitt 16.22

Henry Stitt 16.23

Matt Stitt 16.39

Ron Garbutt 16.45

David McCann 17.17

Denice Garbutt 19.59

Tess Enriquez 26.15

3 Kilometres

Emma Dawson 13.54

Keira Atkin 15.15

Madison Ewins 16.12

Hudson Rosenbaum 17.03

Julianne Domeny 18.29

Meg Edenborough 18.37

Chloe Tangney 19.41

Julie Amphlett 23.21

4 Kilometres

Andrew McPherson 17.04

Paige Connaughton 17.06

Rob Kellett 17.33

Dave Connaughton 18.14

Jackie Snowball 19.14

Deb Connaughton 22.11

Steve Phipps 22.47

Jill Stapleton 25.31

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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