Broulee community petition gains traction

Dear Mayor and fellow Councillors,

Petition - Land at the Corner of Broulee Road and Clarke Street

Attached is a summary of a community petition concerning the future of Lot 89 DP 1093710 Broulee and the unformed road adjacent to Lot 89. The petition was initiated when we learnt that the 2003 Councillors decision to reclassify the Operational Land at the corner of Broulee Road and Clarke Street as Community Land had never been enacted. The decision in 2003 was strongly supported by a similar community petition at the time and the community is not aware of the 2003 decision having been rescinded. Consequently, the Community had believed that the decision was implemented. The management of the land since the decision in 2003, has been totally consistent with it being Community Land. The full petition will be lodged with the Mayor.

In the community’s view, the appropriate action for Council would be to implement the decision now but we understand the Council staff are to bring forward possible alternative options to Councillors.

Because of the requirements of Covid health orders, the petition has been collected in two forms. A hard paper version and an electronic version. When we designed the electronic section of the petition to enforce that users were required to enter their address, email and phone number. We also allowed for the collection of additional information if people would like to provide it. This information records why people decided to sign the petition and if people so wished to provide the information more general comments about the issue.

The results of both petitions were combined and duplicates removed. 410 individual people in total signed the petition (187 individuals signed the paper version and 249 individuals completed the online petition)

Key statistics.

● 245 of the 410 respondents were from Broulee/Mossy Point

● Respondents came from 24 different Eurobodalla suburbs

● Of the 48 streets in Broulee, residents from 36 streets signed the petition

● The clear reason why people signed the petition was that Council should follow through with its previous commitment and retain the important vegetation by reclassifying the land as Community Land.

● 76 respondents of the e-petition left additional comments

● We asked respondents of the e-petition to list their household size. The average household size of Broulee/Mossy Point respondents of the e-petition was 2.5. Which if you extrapolated out to include partners and children would indicate 600+ Broulee and Mossy Point residents support this petition.

A summary of the results is attached and further information from the petition will be available on the BMPCA website shortly. Councillors and those seeking election to Council may find it useful.

The RFS has indicated that maintaining the main vegetation on this land will not create a fire hazard and will not impact on the adjacent development. The developer supports retention of the vegetation on the blocks in question.

We understand that the Director Planning is due to bring forward a paper outlining why Council’s decision to convert the land to Community Land was not acted upon and alternative options for Council to consider.

We ask that you take into account the results of this petition when considering this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Bain

Acting President BMPCA NOTE: You can add your name to the petition which is located HERE:

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