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Bodalla Dairy serves up a treat in their new Woolahra Ice creamery

Bodalla Dairy has opened an ice creamery in Sydney at 148 Queen St, Woollahra bringing their unique ice creams to the Sydney market. At a local level we have all enjoyed easy access to the incredible array of Bodalla Dairy's gold medal icecream creations. Now Sydney siders can enjoy the same. To date the icecreamery is selling an awesome 700kg per fortnight. With flavours such as those below the take up of the uniquely Australian icecreams from the South Coast has had as much traction as the take up of the Bodalla Dairy's distribution of its milk and cheeses across the country. Kakadu Plum and Rum

Go Wild - Queensland Lemon Myrtle, Bodalla Yoghurt and Local Ironbark Honey

Let's Go Camping - Gumleaf Smoked Ice Cream with Butterscotch and a Macadamia Praline

Let's Go Diving - Local Narooma Kelp and Green Tea

Coffee and Coastal Wattleseed

Desert Lime Sorbet

Mixed Berry Sorbet

Hot Chocolate - Dark Chocolate with Tasmanian Pepperberry

Wild Berry Cheesecake

Lilly Pilly and Muntrie Berries

Let's Go Surfing - fresh mango with toasted coconut pieces The Sydney staff have all undergone extensive product knowledge that enables them to inform the stream of customers of the "cow to cone" process that delivers the all-natural icecream just two weeks after being milked. The shop has a display of photos that tells the story of the icecream, from paddock, through the process of the dairy along with images of the area that further promotes the region. Bodalla Dairy manager, Kelly Motbey, told The Beagle "the shop has been a great success. You couldn't want for a better location. The locals not only love the icecream but also the story of its origins. Knowing where the icecream comes from means a lot to them". Bodalla Dairy 148 Queen St, Woollahra 2pm - 7pm weekdays (a little later on Friday) 12pm - 8pm weekends.

Images: Bodalla Dairy