Be careful of rash promises during electioneering

The Beagle Editor

The start of elections for nine Councilors and a mayor for the Eurobodalla Shire is only a few weeks away now. There’s been much public comment about how poorly our council, the elected Councilors, have performed in their positions as the people's elected representatives since they were elected in September 2016, almost five years ago . But now the opportunity has arrived for the shires voters to make changes at the Ballot Box to correct some of poor performances of the elected and their exceptionally arrogant attitudes towards those who employ them. That’s right, the Councilors and Mayor are employed by the shires residents and ratepayers to represent them on all issues or matters brought to their attention by residents of the shire. That’s what they are elected to do, with out running a secret operation. But now with the elections only weeks away there’s names and faces appearing publicly backed up with promises and statements attempting to catch the attention of the shires voting public. Most of what they are promoting is fanciful stuff, low on the list of most peoples expectations. But those who are promoting the low priority attention stuff are desperate individuals just want to be elected or re elected for the publicly funded lifestyle.

NSW Local Council’s are controlled by the state governments delegated authority to the local administrations. The state government determines the criteria about how Local Councils can operate, not the locally elected public representatives as some seem to think.

Just a few weeks or days ago the present council resolved to proceed with a budget, management and delivery plan for the 2021–22 financial years. A new council will deliver the matters identified in that budget process. A new council after September this year will operate under the financial umbrella of the present council. Any candidates who make statements or promises about what they’ll do if they are elected in September need to be questioned about how they’ll deliver on any promises not already provided for in the present management and delivery plan.

Allan Brown

Catalina NSW 2536