Bay to be awash in fitness options

Batemans Bay is rising to the occasion to meet the influx of new comers to the region by providing a host of gymnasium options including the prospect of an F45 Batemans Bay that is currently under a Development Application for "Change of use to personal training facility" at the newly rebuilt HomeMakers Centre, 8/2-4 Cranbrook Road. This will be exciting news to those familiar with the F45 model that sees it as one of the fastest growing fitness franchises in the world. With the many younger families coming into the region the timing couldn't be better in providing more of the services metropolitan evacuees enjoy. The F45 outlet will add to the current stock of gymnasiums and fitness outlets we have and should work in well with the 1000m2 gymnasium Bay Pavillions gymnasium owned by Council that is due to open in early 2022. Eurobodalla Council originally had a 450m2 gymnasium in its new pool centre but were advised to increase it to 1000m2 in order to maximise the facilities overall utilisation where the community might choose to swim and go to the gym as well. While Council have called for tenders for a facilities manager to look after the pools and theatre they will be leasing out the cafe and gymnasium. In having made this decision neither the Gymnasium or Cafe were named when Council recently gave names to the Theatre and overall complex advising that the names of the Gym and Cafe might be that of larger franchisees who would want their own branding.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png