Batemans Bay Bushwalkers - Skid Ridge Rd to Myrtle Beach

Our walk today took us through a variety of tracks in Murramarang National Park. The mostly shaded trail although very dry and strewn with fallen leaves and dead branches, passed under tall Spotted Gums and Iron Barks to the coast. A couple of large fallen trunks provided a slight pause as we negotiated our way over them. Lunch was enjoyed on Myrtle Beach where we had an opportunity to admire the rocks and calm, sparkling sea of many shades of blue. A couple of our party enjoyed the water with a cooling swim. The rest of us sat and wondered if the approaching thunder cell was coming our way. Fortunately it looked as if it was heading out to sea and any rain was falling well to the south of us.

On our return lag of the 12.5 km raggedly figure of eight circuit, we disturbed a medium sized goanna which scrambled up a tall gum on the side of the track, a couple of orchids just forming flower heads were spotted, and we passed the Big Tree. The Big Tree is an icon in the local area and always presents a good photo opportunity for club walkers.

Our leader Glenn led us all safely back to the cars which were a welcome sight after a number of fairly steep climbs in increasingly warm temperatures. Thank you Glenn.