Batemans Bay Bridge Roundabout questions

The Beagle Editor, An article in your 16 Dec 2020 edition stated that: Changed conditions on Princes Highway during school holidays ‘There will be no traffic control or reduced speed limits from 6am Friday 18 December to 6am Tuesday 5 January 2021. The speed limit through the project area will be 60 km/h and will extend to Berrima Parade, north Batemans Bay. Traffic lights will be activated on the Kings Highway and Princes Highway roundabout at peak travel times, in response to congestion’ . source RMS Media That being the case, I have to wonder what the RMS regard as ‘peak travel times’ when the lights were not operating on PM 20 Dec (when the traffic trying to access BB was supposedly banked up to Old Nelligan Road), and on a couple of other occasions over the last week when I have seen inordinately long lines backed up on 3 of the 4 approaches as well.

M Todd.

Screenshot 2022-08-05 170917.png