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Australian Democrats announce candidate for Eden Monaro

The Australian Democrats have announced their candidate to contest the Federal seat of Eden Monaro in the coming election. Greg Butler, a local Murrumbateman resident, will be vying to win the seat from the Labor incumbent when voters go to the polls in May.

Greg is a Professional Engineer with a long career in rail construction and management throughout Australia. He has an extensive record of community involvement and volunteer work, representing his community twice as a Shire Councillor. He is a foundation member of the Australian Democrats, and has long campaigned to bring the Democrats principles of honesty, tolerance and compassion to the forefront of Australian politics.

“There needs to be a voice in the Federal Parliament that rises above the squabbling of Labor and Liberal, that gives a vision of a more just, fair and sustainable society, and that moves us towards a better future for us, our children, our grandchildren, and the generations to come. We should expect a naturally clean, healthy and sustainable environment to live in and enjoy. Australians deserve an economy that supports all of us, not just the majority of us, and that does not mortgage or sell our future. We should have a solid high technology diverse manufacturing base, and resilient rural communities. Nobody in our affluent society should be living in poverty. We should all expect access to adequate quality health care and to world class education. We need secure affordable housing for all, from the time we are children, through becoming parents ourselves, then into our old age.

“The current Government have had ample opportunity to achieve these outcomes. They have failed to deliver. Labor have had past opportunities, when in government, to deliver, but they also failed. Labor has been ineffective in arguing for change when in opposition. Parliament, apart from the handful of independents, has become mired in petty party politics. And Australia has suffered.

“I am asking the people of Eden Monaro to think about their choice at this election. Do you really want to vote for a Labor or Liberal representative, knowing that this will let them continue to waste precious time and opportunities while they bicker over trivialities? Or should you decide that now is the time to vote for a change that will elect parliamentarians focussing on making your Australia the better country that you know it can become?”

Greg has been a resident of Murrumbateman for over 20 years. His mother’s family are the Annetts from the Adelong area. His childhood home was at Bega, and he commenced his education at what was then the Bega Infants School.


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