April/May issue of ‘Recollections’ out now ON-LINE

Normally around 3,500 people would be picking up copies of ‘Recollections’ in the next few weeks from the businesses and other outlets that are kindly distributing it for us.

Regrettably they won’t be able to do so because many of those businesses and other outlets are closed or, in the current situation, are unable to make copies of the April/May issue of ‘Recollections’ immediately available to their customers/clients. This issue, in paper form, WILL eventually become available – as soon as logistically possible, but, unfortunately, not immediately. Peter Lacey, President, South Coast History Society told the Beagle "We apologise for any resulting disappointment or inconvenience."

"HOWEVER YOU ARE LUCKY – the latest on-line copy of the April 2020 ‘Recollections’ has not been similarly delayed. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it. The latest edition is immediately available online at www.bit.ly/Recollections19

Peter said "We now especially ask you to help us and the thousands of other regular readers of ‘Recollections’. "PLEASE WOULD YOU FORWARD this Article, and its attachment, TO FRIENDS (they are just as likely as you to be interested in the stories it contains). And, particularly, would you forward a copy to anyone you know who usually picks up a paper copy of ‘Recollections’. THANKYOU, IN ADVANCE, FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE."

"We will, of course, email copies to anyone who requests one – if they email us at southcoasthistory@yahoo.com or phone 0448 160 852.