Appearances can be deceptive: Austrade Grant turned into a political point scoring stunt

Dear Beagle Editor,

A story in the Narooma News [Festival secures $80k from the tourism recovery grant

Narooma News Online 22 nd June] announces $80,000 funding from the Federal Regional

Tourism Bushfire Recovery Grant Program tourism recovery package for the 2021

Narooma Oyster Festival. The story says the Liberal candidate for Eden-Monaro, Dr Fiona Kotvojs, welcomed funding and was thrilled with the announcement.

Without acknowledgment from Ms Kotvoyjs that Mike Kelly, the vacating member for Eden Monaro, was a strong supporter of the Narooma Oyster Festival since it began and of the Narooma Oyster Festival’s application for funding, the story gives the appearance that the funding is from Ms Kotvoyjs.

On hearing about the funding announcement, Kristy McBain the Labor candidate for

Eden Monaro said "Mike will enjoy learning of this announcement. Though the festival

wasn't able to be held this year due to Covid this funding will give the festival

organisers a boost for next year's event" [The Narooma Oyster Festival secures a

Regional Tourism Bushfire Recovery Grant Beagle Online 22 nd June].

Information about the Morrison and Berejiklian Liberal National Governments

unashamed and widespread pork barreling to win election is on the public record. The

public have a right to have all the facts before they go to vote in the Eden Monaro by-


Appearances can be deceptive when important facts that give the true picture are not


Maureen Searson

ALP Eurobodalla Local Government Committee

"The way the announcement was made in the Narooma News and on the Narooma Oyster page of Facebook devalues and discredits the Austrade for the Regional Tourism Bushfire Recovery Grants program that is NON-POLITICAL."

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