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Angel Rings save lives : Wasp Head

An Angel Ring life preserver has now been installed at Wasp Head. thanks to ANSA for supplying it and to Bob Mates and Etinne De Celis for helping to install it.

Please note that this is considered emergency equipment so should not be touched except in an emergency. It also contains a tracking device. Did you know that those bright orange life buoys located at popular fishing sites along the NSW coastline known as Angel Rings have saved several hundred lives using official and unofficial recorded reports?

Such a simple piece of equipment has done so much good for the recreational fishing community and we hope to have many more installed for the entire community to feel a little saver when by the water.

Whether you are a seasoned rock fisher or a novice hitting the stones for the first time, having an Angel Ring close by could save your life one day.

In 1993 the life of a rockfishing angler was saved at Moes Rock, south of Jervis Bay (NSW) by a life ring installed by a bereaved father who had lost son who was rockfishing at Moes Rock at an earlier date.

In 1993 the Department of Sport Recreation and Racing formed a group to focus on Rock Fishing Safety.

A year later, ANSA NSW was commissioned to manage a project that would see the installation of “Guardian Angel Rings” in known rockfishing spots and thus the creation of the Angel Ring Project which has been actively running and gaining momentum since then.

1994 to today – ANSA NSW has been managing the project and has installed over 150 angel rings in known rockfishing spots and is participating in community education programs.


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