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and then one day you pass blood ....

A heads up. I felt perfectly fine. Then out of the blue I passed blood in my urine. The next day I went to the doctor to be then referred to a urologist. Long story short ... my left kidney had been taken over by a tumour that had also managed to entwine itself around my aeorta. Fortunately, by way of public health, I was operated on for nine hours with the kidney removed. Seven days recovery in hospital and gently goes it for a few months later. The point is... I had NO idea that my kidney had all but failed. Be aware that this story could happen to all of us....

Kidney Health Australia is urging adults to take a simple two-minute online test to determine if they are at risk of developing kidney disease.

Of the 2 million – or one in 10 – Australian adults affected by kidney disease, 1.8 million are completely unaware of it - likely due to the lack of symptoms. However, an easy online test during Kidney Health Week from May 21 to 27 could be the reality check they need.

The online test developed by Kidney Health Australia can be taken anywhere, any time, and includes nine questions that help identify your risk of kidney disease. The test will determine whether a follow-up appointment with your GP for a Kidney Health Check is recommended – a simple check that could save your life.

Three in four Australians are at risk of kidney disease with the highest contributing factors being diabetes and high blood pressure.

Kidney disease has no symptoms and 90 per cent of kidney function can be lost without warning, meaning diagnosis is often too late and little can be done at that late stage to avoid kidney failure.

However, early detection can slow or even stop the progression of this insidious, incurable, and deadly disease.

Take the kidney health test at:


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