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A huge day for Council's last hoorah

The very last ordinary council meeting of the Innes term of Eurobodalla Council (Tuesday 26th 2021) will be a Zoom fest that starts off for councillors at 8am for confidential briefings. At 9:00am the Public Forum session will commence with thirteen speakers registered. There are speakers registered to present on Turnbulls Lane subdivision followed by speakers on the Dalmeny subdivision. Somewhere in the mix will be someone on the Financials and then hopefully enough time to hear a presenter on the Waste Tender. All of this will be held on Zoom because it has been revealed that certain Councillors aren't allowed in the Council building because of their vaccination status. With Eurobodalla now at >95% first dose and 93.3% at second (all up 32,891 over 16yo) one wonders why there would still be councillors unable to enter Council buildings unless there is a justifiable reason such as a Certificate of Exemption. It is known that one of our councillors was stopped from entering a venue on the weekend due to a failure in being able to provide evidence of vaccination, as is mandatory. Note that the Zoomed Public Forum will not be live-cast on Council's website as the Innes Council removed this saying that it gave people a platform to grandstand and to say defamatory things. Want to watch and listen to the great questions prepared by our Councillors having already had access to presentations for 24 hours before:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 858 6420 8023

Passcode: 179104 At 11:00am the Ordinary Council meeting the Councillors will switch across to Zoom again but this time it will be live streamed. With a very full agenda it will be interesting to see if the little possums have enough strength to enjoy a bus ride up to the new Bay Pavilions for a site tour. Once again the tour (and bus ride) will be restricted to those who have been double vaxed so two known councillors will be missing out on the last opportunity to see the facility before it will be opened by a brand new council and a brand new mayor in 2022. If you are a council watcher then you are in for a BIG day !!!