Broulee Runners Wed June 19th 2019

51 starters participated in Wednesday’s Broulee Run/walk, which was the best field since the cold weather arrived in May. It was pleasing to see the family groups back and particularly the Mitchell clan. We welcomed Elizabeth Gyar to her first outing with the group.

In the 2 kilometres personal best times were recorded by Poppy and Hugo Mitchell. In the 3.5 kilometres the improver was Peter Johnsen. Peter must be the favourite for the Broulee runner having the greatest number of personal best performances over the 3 distances for 2019.

In the 5 kilometres the improvers were Owen Gordon and Jason Domeny. Jason has shown remarkable improvement in his performances since starting with the group in October 2018.

It was pleasing to honour the performances of Stephanie Lunn, Tino Lopresti and Riley Beby, who performed with distinction in representing their schools at the regionals. Stephanie will now go on the state cross country championships.

Above: In the middle is Stephanie Lunn and on her right is Riley Beby, both champions cross country runners. On the left is Sandra Lunn, Stephanie's very proud mother.

2 Kilometres

Riley Beby 7.21 Tino Lopresti 8.04 Mitchell Beby 8.19 Justin Murphy 8.26 Angus Murphy 8.27 Poppy Mitchell 9.28 Isabella Lopresti 9.48 Freya Dunn 10.32 Hugo Mitchell 10.42 Audrey Knobel 10.47 Regina Knobel 10.48 Mirra Boom 10.56 Emily Dickinson 12.04 Bruce Dickinson 12.04 David McCann 14.20 Carissa Morgan 15.55 Steve Morgan 15.55 Richard Fisher 19.06 Elizabeth Gyar 20.41 Erin Domeny 21.40 Robyn Domeny 21.40 Lucinda Mitchell 22.00 Michelle Mitchell 22.01 Teeka Boom 22.01 Keely Boom 22.02 Ashley Beby 22.06 Michelle Beby 22.13 Christina Murray 22.31 Jenny Pollock 22.31

3.5 Kilometres

Laura Lopresti 20.26 Sandra Lunn 20.53 Tim Devane 21.12 Vickie Whitter 22.47 Gary Ashton 22.48 Peter Johnsen 32.43 Susan Pettit 35.18

5 Kilometres

Daniel Beby 17.26 Bede Webster 21.01 Matt Johnsen 21.02 Anthony Miles 23.38 Garran Carnall 23.38 Morgan Pettit 23.41 Dave Connaughton 23.51 Jason Domeny 24.06 Stephanie Lunn 25.17 Owen Gordon 26.13 Deb Connaughton 26.13 Yma Carnall 26.35 Julie De Ernsted 27.59 Max Hadley 29.14 Julianne Domeny 31.54